Strengthen dialogue and cooperation


The 92 Danish Group has taken the initiative to send a letter to the Minister for Climate, Energy and Supply about increased stakeholder involvement in the development of Denmark’s National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP). A wide range of Danish stakeholders joined in signing the letter. 

Read the English version of the letter below or in Danish here.



It appears from the draft of Denmark’s updated National Energy and Climate Plan that the Climate Ministry/Climate Minister: “…would be happy to participate in a dialogue on how we can strengthen this work. The Minister for Climate, Energy and Supply naturally welcomes all possible proposals for new measures, and is happy to engage in further dialogue on this matter.” (p.22) 

We thank you for this invitation. We are happy to contribute to strengthening the dialogue and cooperation on the Danish NECP. 

The draft for an updated Danish NECP was in consultation from 17 May to 6 June 2023, after which it was submitted to the EU Commission at the end of June. Denmark’s final updated National Energy and Climate Plan must be ready on 30 June 2024. This means that there is now a relatively short time to complete the process for stakeholder involvement around the NECP update, which is described in the EU’s management regulation, among other things to stakeholders (both industry and civil society) are involved early and effectively “…while all options are still open”. (The Commission’s NECP guidance from December 2022 (point 3.2). 

We do not currently have a finished proposal for how the involvement process is carried out. However, as there is relatively little time for the final NECP to be ready, we suggest that the detailed framework for the involvement process be agreed at the same time as the dialogue process begins. 

We are very interested in participating in this dialogue and in providing constructive input on how the NECP can be improved. We therefore encourage the ministry to convene the relevant parties for a dialogue process as soon as possible. 


-Biogas Denmark 

-Danish Shipping Companies 

– Danish Industry 

– Denmark’s Nature Conservation Association 

-Danish Forest Association 

-Drivkraft Denmark 

-Danish Consumer Council  


– The engineering association IDA 

– The environmental organization Renewable Energy 

-The Council for Green Transition 

– Stiesdal 

– Synergy

– National Ecological Association

-Danish 92 Group