Step up ambition

To contribute to the European climate and energy targets, the Czech Republic must step up its ambition and at least double its current installed renewable energy capacity until 2030. Unfortunately, the consultation process on the revised draft fof the NECP started very late and will, therefore, not allow meaningful public participation.

The Czech Republic – climate action progress in figures

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The Czech draft NECP update does not show sufficient ambition in many respects, especially when it comes to energy savings and the development of renewables. Even more alarmingly, there is a lack of credible and sufficient measures that would enable Czechia to fulfil its climate targets. Compared to the previous NECP, the current one is based on expert modelling and includes several WAM scenarios.

On the other hand, the sectoral targets are often too unambitious and don’t always follow the potential as outlined in the expert modelling. More political will is needed to make the final NECP update a useful document that will unlock the potential of green transition in Czechia.

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Czechian NECP Assessment

Czechian NECP Assessment

Czechia overall does not move towards a 1.5°C trajectory. Czechia however fulfils the minimum EU requirements for climate effort sharing. Czechia foresees a level of consumption that is in line with the EU energy efficiency target, but measures are insufficient to achieve the target for final energy. The renewable energy contribution might not be ambitious enough to align with the EU 2030 renewable energy target. Policies and measures (PAMs) presented for climate and are insufficient to achieve the EU 2030 effort sharing target The draft still presents many internal inconsistencies across the document...

Czech NECP

The Czech Republic is now revising its National Energy and Climate Plan and has a unique chance to set out towards a healthier and more resilient future. To achieve a successful transformation of the Czech energy sector, this plan needs to be ambitious and reflect today’s challenges. And now, we can have our say in it.