Planning concrete measures for a just transition

The new French 2030 climate target of at least 50% greenhouse gas emission does not comply with a Paris-compatible 1.5°C trajectory. At least 65% emissions reductions by 2030 should be achieved for France to take its fair share of climate action. Also, the pathway to reach 2030 should be clear and quite ambitious. For now, France has a history of keeping the 2030 target but shifting the intermediary targets, which postpone public action.


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Missing an ambitious renewable energy target for 2030. In the draft NECP sent to the European Commission, France did not include any renewable energy targets for 2030. Indeed, there are currently no plans to introduce a new renewable energy target aligned with the revised European ambition.  This is a critical gap in the French climate-energy plan and needs to be addressed quickly. France should be accelerating on renewable energy projects, not backtracking.

More generally, France needs to sustain efforts to finance the ecological transition. Unfortunately, the government is currently cutting down budgets for important climate measures such as incentives and support for retrofitting of housing. The tracker shows only the historical data in the case of France. An update of the tool is foreseen in the near future.

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French NECP Assessment

French NECP Assessment

Many details still cannot be derived from the Action Plan. France does not move towards a 1.5°C trajectory. As it increased its 2030 economy-wide target, however, France should likely be in line with the EU target for non-ETS sectors. Conversely, the energy efficiency contribution is likely not ambitious enough to align with the EU 2030 energy efficiency target. There is not enough information available with regards to the renewable energy contribution. The draft NECP update needs to be the space to plan for policies and measures (PAMs) that are not laid out in the Action Plan...

French NECP

France is significantly behind schedule in submitting its NECP (National Energy and Climate Plans) draft plan according to the European calendar and is expected to do so only in early next year. The revision process starts with framework law on energy and climate, financing and sectoral laws.