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By the 30th of June, all EU countries are required to submit their updated draft National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs) to the European Commission. The European Union has concluded negotiations on almost all energy and climate files under the ‘Fit for 55’ package, establishing climate and energy targets that Member States must achieve.


What are NECPs?

NECPs are plans that outline how EU countries will implement the 2030 climate and energy targets. These plans encompass the targets, policies, and measures devised by Member States to fulfil their climate and energy commitments from 2021 to 2030. They should be in line with the EU Green Deal, updated EU climate and energy targets for 2030, and revised climate and energy legislation. NECPs are legally binding under the Governance Regulation (2018) and are typically lengthy, spanning around 200 pages.

What happens on 30 June 2023?

By the 30th of June, all countries should have submitted their comprehensive NECP draft plans to the European Commission, which were previously consulted with civil society and relevant stakeholders. According to the Governance regulation and the Aarhus Convention, Member States must organise early and effective public consultations prior to the submission of draft and final NECPs. However, our analysis showed that 14 – out of 23 EU Member States surveyed – had failed to even start any form of public consultation on NECPs four months prior to this June deadline.

Is it the first time that Member States submit their NECPs?

Member States already submitted their NECPs for the current decade (2021-2030) in 2019-2020. The current process is an update of those existing climate and energy plans. However, we expect massive changes in the updated NECPs, given the major changes since their first adoption: the Fit For 55 package, Covid, RepowerEU, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Will countries submit on time?

It is highly likely that many countries will not meet the deadline, although this represents the next significant milestone after the “Fit for 55” package. Countries, such as France, have already announced their expected delay.

Which ministry/national entity is responsible in my country for the NECPs?

There is no set rule, but usually, it is the ministry responsible for energy and climate.

What role does the European Commission play?

The European Commission has published guidance to Member States on the process and scope of this update. The development of these plans is a legal requirement under the Governance Regulation adopted in December 2018. Developing these plans is a legal requirement under the Governance Regulation adopted in December 2018. The European Commission serves as a watchdog during the process and will provide active feedback on the drafts.

What happens on 30 June 2024?

The final revised plans, incorporating feedback from the European Commission and views of the public, must be submitted by June 2024.

What do NGOs want?

The NECPs revision is a fundamental opportunity for EU Member States to set things right – to accelerate climate action and energy transition to bring NECPs to their real, transformative potential and overshoot the European Green Deal ambition of reducing net emissions by at least 55% by 2030 (below 1990 levels). The current EU 2030 target of reducing net emissions by at least 55% doesn’t live up to the level of the climate emergency and the EU’s equitable share of reducing emissions globally. The EU has the moral obligation now to overshoot its 2030 target and achieve gross emissions by at least -65% by 2030 and achieve net zero emissions by 2040 at the latest.
The upcoming NECP revision between 2023 and 2024 offers Member States a crucial opportunity to set things right and align the EU’s ambition with the objectives of the Paris Agreement. Climate and environment NGOs based in 12 European countries gathered almost one hundred concrete examples of climate action measures implemented on the ground. These should inspire all governments and put Europe on track for achieving a safe and stable climate and to ensure we all harvest the benefits of a sustainable life. Check:

Where can I check the NECPs drafts?

The European Commission has not yet made the website public. Here you can find the previous ones or stay in touch with us, and we will communicate the information to you in a timely manner.

NGOs across Europe will assess and provide timely feedback on the submitted drafts. If you are interested in your country’s submission, please let us know:

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