National Country Sheet


Poland did not submit its draft National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP) update, as of 30 September. While the Ministry of Climate and Environment is working on it, it appears that a draft will only be produced after national elections (15 October 2023). Proper public consultations, in line with the requirements of the Governance Regulation, did not take place so far, and will only happen once the draft is finalised, thus not before Q4/2023. Pre-consultations have been carried out with relevant stakeholders, who were asked to fill in a form (with many questions, but too little space for answers). Further cooperation is expected within an ad hoc NECP working group recently set up, composed of the Ministry of Climate and Environment  and  civil society organisations.




  • Ensure timely public consultation and multi-level dialogues around the draft NECP update, as soon as the draft is released. This should include public hearings and multi-stakeholder expert dialogues.



Climate Ambition Recommendations

  • Propose own country goals for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions for each sector by 2030 in line with the Paris Agreement and set a national objective to achieve climate-neutrality.

Energy Transition Recommendations

  • Include a strategy to phase out fossil fuels well before 2040, starting with coal and continuing with fossil gas. The unofficial draft update of the 2040 Polish Energy Policy still foresees 34.7% of coal and 15% of fossil gas in the electricity mix by 2030. 
  • Establish a national energy efficiency contribution that surpasses the minimum reduction in line with the Energy Efficiency Directive’s (EED) formula, amounting to no more than 77.16 Mtoe for primary energy and 57.73 for final energy consumption.  
  • Define a roadmap leading to annual energy efficiency improvements and dynamic demand-side management.  
  • Build a pathway towards a truly ambitious renewables share in the electricity mix by 2030, enhancing the role of solar and wind, onshore and offshore. The unofficial draft update of the 2040 Polish Energy Policy includes a scenario according to which the renewables share in the electricity mix could be 46.6% by 2030, but alternative scenarios show that more ambition (from 55% up to 68%) is possible.

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