Estonian NECP

Estonia needs a clear decision and concrete plan for a 100% renewable energy trajectory, which is clean and affordable to all, based on energy sufficiency and energy democracy. The government has adopted the goal to cover local consumption by 100% renewable electricity by year 2030, yet plans to execute this are vague and commitment is ill-measured.  NECP can be the tool to set proper decision-making processes and execution plans.

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Estonia – climate action progress in figures

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Estonia has adopted the ambitious goal to produce the same amount of electricity that is annually consumed in Estonia (100%) from renewable energy sources by 2030, yet plans to achieve this are vague and no clear phase out date for using oil shale is set. The NECP update could be the tool to set proper decision-making processes and execution plans for this and other climate targets, but currently it’s only the sum of already existing strategic documents and plans.

Estonia is not on track to meet its 2030 LULUCF target as no additional measures are planned and large-scale forest logging and peat mining is foreseen to continue. 

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Estonian NECP Assessment

Estonian NECP Assessment

Estonia fulfils the minimum EU requirements for climate efforts sharing and renewable energy, however overall it does not move towards a 1.5°C trajectory. The energy efficiency contribution for primary energy is almost aligned with the EU 2030 energy efficiency target, while it fails to do so for final energy consumption. As the draft is mostly a summary of pre-existing national targets and measures, and it is not used as a strategic document to improve ambition, it reflects the main shortcomings of Estonia’s climate and energy policy: the lack of a clear oil shale phaseout plan and the lack of policies to reach its LULUCF target...

NECPs Explainer

If we were to tell you in one minute everything about EU National and Energy Climate Plans (NECPs), this is how we’d do it. Watch the video and see by yourself the links between National Energy and Climate Plans and our day-to-day European lives.